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24th Annual Performance-Tested Bull & Female Sale
March 20, 2022
Bloomington Livestock Exchange
Bloomington, WI
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608-732-6838 or 608-778-7748
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Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman
Sale Consultants: Glenn Davis, Genetic Pathways 219-776-7584 & Greg Miller 608-778-8785
Call to view cattle ahead of the sale.
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We are planning for a live auction in Bloomington on the 2oth. If you want to leave bids ahead of time or want to bid over the phone, feel free to contact Kevin or Kelsi ahead of the sale. We will also be broadcasting the sale via DV Auction again this year.

The Bulls

For an information sheet on the bulls click here

Selling 55 Angus GS Tested Bulls with complete performance data recording.

Sires Represented:

  • Deer Valley Growth Fund
  • Connealy Emerald
  • Baldridge Alternative
  • Baldridge SR Goalkeeper
  • Sitz Resilient
  • Musgrave 316 Exclusive
  • S A V Quarterback
  • Mock Entice
  • V A R Legend 5019

The Females

Selling 25 Bred Females or Cow/Calf Pairs.

Also selling 2 Elite Feature families from the popular Primrose Lady and Sandy cow families.

Lot 59 - 2K Primrose Lady 2039 - Click to view EPDs and pedigree

This cow is a daughter of our donor female SS Primorose Lady D4070, who was the top selling female in the Stratford Angus sale a few years ago. This cow had maternal brothers that topped the bull sale in 2021 and are working in herds across the country. This female herself, has the targeting the brand logo, and rightfully so. She ranks in the top 5% or better of the entire breed for YW, RADG, milk, $F, $B, $W, and $C. Beautiful in her lines and flawless in her udder, we are excited to see what this female can do in another herd. She is bred to Poss Rawhide, due March 28, 2022. Pasture exposed to 2K Growth Fund 300, June 27, 2022-September 15, 2022.

*Reserving the right to one successful flush of at least 6 transferable embryos.

SS Primrose Lady 4070 - Dam of Lot 59

Lot 60 - 2K Sandy 1560 - Click to view EPDs and pedigree

This first calf heifer, is part of the Sandy family and has one of the most winningest pedigrees in the breed. Sired by the famous Colburn Primo 5153, a direct son of the triple crown winner, Dameron First Class, who has stamped many champions in the showring. Perhaps her most promising asset is the heifer calf on her side by Conley South Point. South Point was the sale topping bull in the 2019 Conley bull sale, and one of the most talked about bulls in the yards in Denver in 2019 and 2020, when he was the NWSS Champion Angus bull. South Point calves are hard to come by but when I saw this calf was a heifer, I knew she was destined to be great. Even at such a young age, this heifer is stout with a killer look, not to mention extremely docile. If you are in the business of show heifers, you need to take a close look at this pair.

Conley South Point - Sire of Lots 60A & 61A

Lot 61 - 2K Skymere 920 - Click to view EPDs and pedigree

Another first calf heifer, out of the now deceased EXAR Classen 1422b, the Sire of the 2016-2017 Roll of Victory Reserve Show Heifer of the Year. In the show cattle department at 2K, we have had extremely good luck with Classen, and this heifer is no exception. Long necked, easy moving, and square hipped make this heifer desirable to many in the show cattle department. Her MGS is VAR Reserve, giving her the maternal power to be a powerful replacement in any herd. Like 920, her dam is a nice-uddered, long necked, free moving female. She sells with heifer calf at side by Conley South Point, who appears to have a promising future. Her dam maintains a 369-day calving interval and has a BR of 4@97, IMF of 2@105 and a calving interval of 364.

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